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Real Estate Development Financing Policies

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If you have a subdivision, we recommend that you have a uniform policy for financing. Different sizes or qualities of lots can be priced differently, but you should consider offering the same down payment, interest rate, and terms to everyone. Otherwise, the first buyers could become offended, and that certainly must be avoided. They are often your best source of referrals for other buyers.

If the contracts are all alike, it will be easier for you to predict how much each contract will be worth if you decide to sell them. One concern which paper buyers (like us) have is taking repossessions and then having to compete with the developer to resell the properties. We are usually farther away from the project and don't have a major marketing plan in place, among other problems. It usually works better for both of us if you will take the repossessions in exchange for other performing paper. This way we don't have to compete with you while you are in the middle of a project.

Financing Policies
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